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It’s pouring on the Sunshine Coast (Australia) today and on days like today when you can’t bounce on your Springfree™ Trampoline parents need to come up with the some creative indoor activities to keep the kids occupied.


Here are a few ideas from Springfree™ Trampoline…..

Bake with the Kids

There are some really nice and easy cookie recipes here for kids –

Art and Crafts

Not a very arty person? You can print out free colouring pages!! Check out

Dress Ups

This one is pretty self explanatory but how about putting a timer on it and giving your kids something to dress up in.

For example – you have 3 minutes to look like a Park Ranger! Of course you will have to have the dress up chest full of options so Op Shopping might be on the cards first.

Board games

Who doesn’t love playing games? Personally a big favourite of mine is UNO. I think I played over 500 games over the Christmas break

Or if you love embracing the rain, Simone our Lay-by Lady has some great ideas for heading outdoors in the rain with her grandkids including Gum Boot stomping and Frog Hunting!

What other adventures do you and the kids like to get up to in the rain?


Keeping Britain Bouncing!

We’ve been busy but don’t panic!

More Springfree Trampolines are on their way & will be arriving in the UK the last week of August, but numbers are limited!

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