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As you all know, Springfree Trampoline is the number one trampoline for safety. We want your children – whether they’re a ghost, a witch or a superhero – to stay safe this Halloween.

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Follow these easy tips for a safe night of trick-or-treating:

Plan your route with your kids before you head out and be sure to stay in familiar neighborhoods.
Accompany your children trick-or-treating or ensure that they are under the supervision of a trusted adult.
Watch out for the jack-o-lanterns on the doorsteps as open flame can be dangerous for young kids. Halloween is one of the top five days for candle fires.
Stay on the sidewalk as unpaved roads and lawns can be a tripping hazard.
Look both ways before crossing the street for oncoming traffic.
Increase visibility of your kids by putting them in brightly colored costumes and by using a flashlight or glowsticks.
Wear layers to make sure you and your kids are warm and comfortable for the outdoors.

How else do you ensure your children stay safe on Halloween night? Share some tips by commenting.

From all of us at Springfree Trampoline, we wish you a fun and safe Halloween. BOO!

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