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ToyologyOn a morning like any other in Blackheath, London, a O77 Springfree Trampoline (8ftx11ft oval), was quickly installed and ready to welcome all excited little jumpers who were there to test and judge all the entered products.   
The main judges and chief testers were kids aged between 5 and 16 years of age, along with teachers, parents, mummy bloggers and journalists. Peter Jenkinson, editor of, also made an appearance and hosted proceedings.
At 10:00 am the doors opened and the excited crowd got its first view at all the amazing toys assembled and waiting for them. Naturally the kids immediately headed towards the bigger toys. The euphoria and excitement was clearly visible!
It was clear to see that the Springfree Trampoline was a great success, being positively received. The first testers quickly agreed this was the coolest trampoline they had ever seen! The continuing noise of shreiks of fun surrounding our trampoline completely confirmed this feeling though out the day.
The adults had a different approach. They were more interested in the technical aspects of the product and they quickly understood that children were completely safe while jumping on the Springfree Trampoline.  It soon became obvious that most of the parents and reporters had never seen the Springfree Trampoline before and were quick to realise and understand the safety benefits that a Springfree Trampoline offers.  All were impressed and amazed with the main features:
·         No springs – instead we use rod technology to produce a great bounce
·         Hidden frame – located beneath the jumping surface so kids can’t hit it
·         FlexiNet enclosure system – so kids stay on the trampoline and can’t fall off
·         Externally mounted enclosure rods – to cushion kids if they lose balance and fall into the net
After the judges had run, built, played, driven, slid and bounced on all the toys present, it was time for the jury to share their amazing experiences and discuss their likes and dislike and start the process of selecting the winners.
The junior testers received guidance to help judge the entries but the sheer amount of fun was the deciding factor. Adult judges did comment on more specific attributes such as durability, longevity, value for money, originality and most of all the fun value.
With an inspired feeling that so many kids and adults alike had enjoyed their first Springfree experience we were feeling quietly confident of being a Toyology winner. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our story of trampoline safety to so many parents and reporters. The feedback so far was of genuine appreciation for our product by everyone who saw and bounced on the Springfree Trampoline. 
After a week of waiting in anticipation for the results we finally heard from Toyology.
Success, We WON!
Toyology Winner Logo2Springfree Trampoline was the winner of the Get Active Award, a great achievement and honour. We were so excited to win this award which can now be added to the many global awards won by Springfree Trampoline for product innovation and design. 
A brilliantly well organised event enjoyed by all. Can’t wait for 2014!
Happy and Safe Bouncing!!

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