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Well it’s official.  It’s Spring.  In fact, with temperatures climbing up to 30 degrees this week in some parts of the country, this is some of the nicest weather we’ve had all year!  Of course it will be getting warmer and that summer weather will settle in soon.  And that’s ok.  In fact that’s great. 

I love the colours.  I love being active outside without being drenched in sweat.  There are so many truly fun outdoor things to do with the family in Spring. For those of you scratching your head trying to think of fun family activities this fall, I’ve rounded up some of my favourites:

1. Visit the local Strawberry farm 


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This has become an annual tradition for us.  Our local strawberry patch is pretty amazing, with organic picking strawberries, an adventure playground and a stawberry themed cafe.  Seeing who can hunt out the biggest strawberry and the huge chocolate covered strawberries from the cafe are definite highlights! 

2. Create your Halloween costume 

With a four year old in the house Halloween is something to look forward to.  We live in a neighbourhood with lots of other families so trick or treating is safe and fun. I'm convinced the dad's have just as much fun as the kids taking the out. The best part is making a fun outfit using all the arts and crafts supplies we can get our hands on.



3. Spring Gardening



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I have to tell you gardening with a four year old has its ups and downs but in the end it is really fun.  Now that the growing season is alive we have been out sewing seeds and digging up the top soil. And there is nothing more fun for kids than getting full of dirt!  

4. Go Fishing



We love fishing in our family and springtime fishing is the best!  The fish are active and the scenery is beautiful. Just this past weekend we headed to the river and enjoyed a few hours just fishing. It was so peaceful and it's nice to spend some quality time as a family, just being. 

5. Yard Work


Ok I know this doesn’t sound like a lot of fun but it’s not that bad.  In fact, getting out in the yard and doing a spring clean up can be a great family activity.  Just like gardening, it’s satisfying getting the yard all cleaned up and ready for summer.  Kids love to be helpful and it is pretty cute watching them get stuck in. Chances are they'll also find some little critters to make friends with too. 

6. Bike Rides


Another one of our favorite Spring activities is getting on our bikes and going for a ride. We have some nice bike paths in our neighbourhood and it is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  We always save some stale bread which we bring with us so we can stop and feed the any birds we meet along the way.

7. Jumping Year Round


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Of course we enjoy jumping on our Springfree all year round, but we’ve been especially enjoying it lately.  During the shorter winter days it’s more of a challenge to get outside and have some fun between the end of school and before it gets dark.  But with the longer Spring days here and the warmer weather the kids have been spending hours jumping and playing. 


Spring is the perfect time to get out and get active. I know that if you have kids in school, and extracurricular activities, it can also be a very busy time but take those moments where you can.  What are some of your favourite Spring family activities?






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