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With Valentine's Day around the corner, try these five DIY craft ideas with your family! They'll keep little ones busy and are lots of fun for the entire family. 

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1. Candy Heart Box | Difficulty: Beginner

Recycle a large heart box (that was previously filled with chocolates) and fill a bunch of paper cupcake liners with an assortment of candy and choclates. It's an easy DIY that lets you control the kind of candy/chocolate that's going in and looks amazing as a Valentine's Day gift. 


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2. Hand Print Valentines | Difficulty: Easy

Grab some red finger paint and use two handprints to create a heart on card stock - Make sure there's an adult present! You can cut this card out or just fold it, but it makes a great Valentine's Day keepsake for parents or grandparents. 


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3. Button Heart | Difficulty: Easy

Adults or older children can help cut out a heart from construction paper, while younger ones glue an assortment of buttons to decorate the heart. This button heart looks great as a Valentine or hung up in a frame. (Source)


Easy Valentines Day Cookies FamilyFreshMeals Com Easy And YUMMY

4. Sprinkle Dipped Waffle Cookies | Difficulty: Easy

Who doesn't love sweets on Valentine's Day? These waffle cookies are lots of fun to make and look great. All you need are waffle cookies, melting chocolate, sprinkles, and parchment paper. Dip one end of each waffle cookie in the melted chocolate then decorate with sprinkles. Let cool on parchment paper. (Source)



5. Heart Garland | Difficulty: Easy

Using construction paper or felt, cut out hearts and glue in pairs with twine or string in between. Hang the garland over the mantle or even decorate a child's room with it! (Source)


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