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It is important that children lead healthier lifestyles and incorporate physical activity into their daily schedules. Recent research has shown that there has been an increase in childhood obesity amongst children. It is therefore paramount, that with the right help, children are encouraged to take part in physical activity through fun games that stimulate both body and mind. Fun games can be accessed easily and can help keep children healthy and active now, in addition to contributing to a more positive attitude towards being physically active later in life. Children also have the opportunity to develop social and motor skills through sport and physical education. This can help to increase levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, which are associated with improving in sport. Below are a range of games that children can take part in with minimal equipment that are easy to set up. 


Balloon Relay

Time: 5 min

Recommended age: all ages

Size of group: it doesn’t matter

Equipment: balloons


How to play balloon relay

  • Set up teams
  • This is a simple relay race where the players must have a balloon clenched between their legs.
  • The balloon is not allowed to touch the ground during the race. If this happens the player must return to their starting position and continue the race.
  • Fastest team wins



  • Two players from one team join up to perform a relay race through an obstacle course.
  • They must hold a balloon between their stomachs or heads whilst doing this. Anyone who holds the balloon with their hands or lets it fall must start again.



Hand Towel Balloon Relay


Time: 8 min

Recommended age: 5 and above

Size of group: it doesn’t matter

Equipment: balloons / hand towels or small blanket


How to play hand towel balloon relay

  • Set up two or more teams
  • Two players in one team must pair up and each hold the two ends of a hand towel with a balloon placed in the middle.
  • The teams must relay race with their balloons staying against their hand towels.
  • If the balloon falls off then they must return to the beginning and start again.


Towel and Ball Throw Relay


Time: 8 min

Recommended age: 7 and above

Size of group: it doesn’t matter

Equipment: soft ball (i.e. tennis, sponge ball) / hand towels or small blanket


How to play towel and ball throw relay

  • Set up two or more teams
  • Two players in one team must pair up and hold the two ends of a hand towel with a ball placed on top.
  • The teams must relay race whilst throwing the ball up and catching back on the towel.
  • If the pair drop the ball then they must pick up from where they left off and continue.


Meet Amanda Parker 

Amanda Parker started competing in trampoline at the age of 6 and was representing Great Britain by the time she was 16. By 17 she had competed in her first major international event and finished 2nd in the World Age Group Games in 2003. From there, Amanda made vast improvements and became a member of the senior British team representing Great Britain in numerous World Cups and World Championships in individual and synchronized trampoline. Her biggest achievements to date are being the 2013 World Games Champion and World Champion in synchronised Trampoline with her partner Kat Driscoll. She was the reserve for the London 2012 Games and holds the record for the highest scoring British female internationally. Amanda was ranked 4th individually in Europe in 2012. Amanda is thankful for all the support she has received to help her to become a World Class trampolinist. Her parents help and support of her dreams continues as they follow her around the world to see her compete. She has a fantastic coaching team at Edgbarrow Trampoline Club and within the Great Britain National Programme to help her reach her full potential. Additionally Amanda is grateful to her sponsor Springfree Trampoline and the funding received through UK Sport that supports her journey on reaching her dream to be an Olympic athlete.


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