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As a parent, you know that your kids don’t always have the best judgement when it comes to being safe.  Kids are bound to test limits and ask questions.  Like, challenging the theory of gravity!  Kids just don’t think about safety when it comes to play and having fun.  That’s why we created the world’s safest trampoline.  Because when your kids are jumping, laughing and letting their imaginations run wild, they shouldn’t be worried about getting hurt. 

Sometimes though, the silly things our kids do are too funny not to share. And we’ve been asking our fans to share their stories with us.  Here are our favourite #JUMPSAFE stories:


My daughter insisted on helping me with the dishes, which I happily agreed to. Without realizing, she put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher instead of the detergent. Let’s just say the kitchen ended up with a few too many bubbles all over the floor.



I told my son he was old enough to help make dinner. He was super excited and decided to make soup as his first meal on his own. He started doing this by putting the metal soup can in the microwave. 


I went to pick up my son from a play date once and one of the girls there was painting her small schnauzer puppy’s toes hot pink. She got carried away and started to paint the dog’s hair pink too. I started to panic when I saw the nanny trying to remove it all with nail polish remover! It’s probably not a great idea for the dog’s skin. 


For one Fourth of July party my youngest son got a turn to light off the firework. However, he accidently aimed it at the bag of all the fireworks we prepared for the evening. Let’ just say the party was over quickly with one big explosion.



My teenage son pulled our inflatable dingy boat out of the garage to help clean it and get it ready. However, our house has a very steep driveway. The boat and trailer soared down the driveway, caught air and crashed into a tree at a house across the street. The boat ended up getting a big hole which caused a huge leak.

My youngest daughter once found a creepy bug on the net of our Springfree and freaked out! To get rid of the bug she decided to cut it out with scissors. It wasn’t easy to do with the strong net but she managed with a pair of sewing scissors.

My son was super excited to have a Springfree and wanted to turn it into a fort. He brought out just about all of our sheets, towels and a tall ladder. In the process of creatively tying them to the top of the trampoline he climbed to the top of the ladder with scissors and accidentally dropped them, piercing the mat in the process. This was the reason we needed another mat.


We hope you share your funny stories of your kids with us by sending them to us or tagging us in pictures using #JUMPSAFE. Remember, you can’t always protect your kids but you can keep them safe by letting them jump on a Springfree. Happy safe bouncing!

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