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Summer is about making memories and the hours of adventure in the warm sun, , overcoming the fear of ‘the back drop’ or simply lying on your back looking for shapes in the clouds on your Springfree Trampoline is a great way to build lasting memories for the entire family. The truth is, jumping on a trampoline is more than just an activity. In fact, it  provides a fantastic opportunity to develop confidence in your physical ability, gives you a place to retreat to  burn off energy and a feeling of fun and excitement that encourages self-esteem, imagination and adventure. 

 To keep your kids engaged on their trampoline, here are some of our favourite games:

Poison Ball

The Objective: Don’t touch the Ball!

An oldie but a goodie, Poison Ball is best played in accordance to the age, athletic ability and experience of the players. Choose a soft fabric ball (such as our Springfree basketball that comes with the Hoop) that won’t hurt your players if they are ‘tagged’.

The player uses the trampoline space to freely roam while other players outside the trampoline throw the ball into the jumping zone. The player inside the trampoline pretends the balls are poison while trying to dodge them. If the player inside gets touched by the ball mid-air, he or she is out and must sit out the next round.


Anything You Can Do

Objective: Get Competitive!

A fantastic game to play with competitive types, ‘Anything you can do’ encourages the improvement of physical ability and a real challenge on the jumping zone. The aim is to show off your best routines and then have your opponent do a better job of them. WARNING: This highly addictive game can bring out the competitive side even in the most easy going jumpers, so keep it safe with one player at a time!

Boy Jump 2

Memory Bounce

Objective: Improve Memory and Have Fun!

The game starts off with one player doing a move on the trampoline. The next player to follow must repeat the first move and then add another. The third player must repeat the first two moves and then add a different move and so on. If someone gets a sequence wrong, that player is out of the game. The last person standing is declared the winner.


Cloud Gazers

Objective: Relax!

Perfect for single players, Cloud Gazing was the favourite of many, requiring little to no mobility, a few clouds and just a little imagination. Simply lie on your back and enjoy the gentle waving bounce of your trampoline, spread out on the jumping zone, looking up at the sky. When a cloud passes over, try and make out a shape, or image what animal or object it might look like.


There are so many fantastic games you can play on a trampoline. When limited only by your imagination, you can go on to create games you love or recall activities you used to play as a child on your own trampoline. There really is no better way to provide your family with a fun, innovative and energetic way to spend their time. At a time when so many kids would rather sit inside and play video games, trampoline games are a great way to get them outdoors and have fun while getting physical exercise, challenging their physical limits and developing their confidence.



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