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For many, there are only a few precious weeks left to savour summer before heading back to school. And there is no time like the present to get the most out those last warm summer days. Here are some of our favourite family activities:

  1. Check your summer bucket list: is there something your kids haven’t done yet that they had planned to? This is your chance to get the last few items off the list and spend a few days doing fun outdoor activities such as exploring where you liveShutterstock 72416341 0
  2. Make a summer memory book: print your favourite summer photos and turn them into a photo book. On Labour Day go through the book as a family and relive your favourite moments and parts of the summer.
  3. Go to the beach: hit the beach one last time and spend the day swimming, building sand castles and burying each other in the sand. Nothing says summer more than a day in the sun – just don’t forget the sunscreen.
  4. Make popsicles:  making frozen popsicles is easy and fun for the kids. Grab some of your favourite fruit and blend it up with a splash of juice, coconut water or yogourt. Check out our Pinterest board for easy and delicious popsicle recipes.
  5. Go on a field trip: spend the day learning in a museum, at the zoo or the aquarium. Wherever you choose to go, make it a fun and educational day.
  6. Have a camp out: don’t worry if you can’t make it to a camp ground or or a national park.  Have a backyard campout, complete with star gazing, s’mores and a campfire songs and games in the comfort of your own home.
  7. Shutterstock 303808379 0 Pick fresh fruit: the end of the summer is the perfect time to go fruit picking since it’s the transition time between summer berries and fall fruits like apples. Pick some of your favourite berries and use them to make jam or smoothies.
  8. Plan a picnic: pack a few sandwiches, drinks,a blanket and a frisbee and head to a park for a family picnic. Or better yet, lay out a blanket on your Springfree and serve lunch alfresco! .
  9. Reading a ‘choose your own adventure’ book: get the kids ready for back into school in a fun way by reading a  choose your own adventure book. Plan a trip to the library to let them pick out their favourite book and spend the day  exploring their imagination.
  10. Have an outdoor movie marathon:  with days of homework and projects ahead, what child wouldn’t want to spend awhole day watching movies? Set up an outdoor movie screen and a projector and watch your favourite movies outside while the weather is still nice.
  11. Decorate your own lunch bag: enjoy a back to school DIY project – buy plain lunch bags and let the kids get creative with glitter, stickers and markers. They’ll have a one of a kind lunch bag! Jump and play: simply let the kids bounce and play outside with some of these fun outdoor games.
  12. DIY Painting party: pick up some fabric paint, brushes or stamps and let the kids decorate white t-shirts or shoes. Your kids will love DIYing their gear for school.Make lemonade: all you need is a few fresh lemons, ½ cup of sugar and some water and you have fresh lemonade. Enjoy it to cool off on a nice summer day or set up a lemonade stand with the kids.
  13. Celebrate going back to school: going back to school is an exciting time, so make an outing of back to school shopping or throw a back to school bash and let your kids get pumped for the school year ahead.


Make sure you enjoy this last bit of  free time with your kids and let them enjoy their last few weeks before school starts. Whether you choose planned activities or simply relaxing in the sun,don’t forget to leave room for transition time to let them get back into routine. Here’s to the last few weeks of summer.



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