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We are Sally and Alex and we have two children Ben & Maddie who are 12 and 10 years old and we bought our Springfree trampoline a year ago.


Sally : We had an old trampoline for several years that was quite derelict in the back of our garden which had been wrecked by the weather and we were deciding whether to buy another one.

We discovered Springfree via a friend at school, I thought it was great, I came home and told Alex about it, he thought it was quite expensive, but with the kids getting many more years play on a trampoline I managed to persuade him. It was the right thing to do, they have been on it every day and now we wouldn’t question the price at all.


Alex : I like the fact the Springfree is remarkably light weight and easy to move around the garden and obviously it’s spring free so there’s no springs for the kids to hurt themselves on.

You seem to get a bit more surface area to jump around on and generally it’s just a very safe trampoline to bounce on and we’ve had the dog on there too. He loves it, it’s a great family event every Sunday!


Sally : When I talk about the brand I’m quite surprised that lots of people still haven’t heard about it. When you mention Springfree they look slightly confused, but once you explain the springs are underneath and they see it, it all makes perfect sense.

Because the surface area of the trampoline is all useable and the springs are underneath it’s far safer for the kids and I’m less anxious. So when they are on it I can still get on with stuff in the house and not check on them every few seconds. Also another feature of the trampoline I like is the ladder which is a million times better than what we were using before which was a lump of wood! If for any reason they do forget to put the zip down and they tumble out, which thankfully they haven’t done, but the ladder is a soft landing and they just would bounce off. It’s so much safer than what we had before.

It’s been a really good buy for us, because the kids are on it all the time, as are their friends

Transcript of interview with Sally & Alex Embling


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