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We get it, it can be a stressful and emotional time all round when you’re first (or only) fledgling heads off to ‘big-school’. Between the grab-and-dash shopping for school uniform and crossing your fingers that they don’t cross their legs instead of asking to go to the toilet…it can all just get A BIT TOO MUCH!

So, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tips for parents who are joining the school-run club! Don’t worry…we’ve got your back!

10 Top Tips For Surviving School Intext


  1. Pick your ‘battles’ wisely

    It’s only natural that you would take what your child says as gospel…but marching in to tell their teacher and then finding out that you’re precious little angel has got the wrong end of the stick can be more than embarrassing! Instead, try and keep cool and investigate things before doing any marching as even the most truthful child can misunderstand things sometimes!

  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff

    A healthy interest in how your child is getting on with their development is great – however, there is no life-long prize for who could spell the most complicated word by the age of 5!

  3. Ignore playground behaviour coming from parents

    Unfortunately it would seem that every playground has one of these uber competitive parents…we advise you keep clear for the sake of your own sanity! It’s a lose-lose situation to get wrapped up in this child-vs-child competitiveness. If your losing you have to endure her smugness and if your child is ahead then you WILL feel her death-stare!

  4. 10 Top Tips For Surviving School Intext 1

  5. Find a way to help at school!

    Volunteering to help with the Parent Teacher Association is such a good way to make friends and it will help you feel part of the school community.

  6. Don’t get worked-up out about friendship fall-outs

    It’s completely normal for Reception class children to have ‘fall-outs’ and swap their friends quicker than you can ask ‘who’s your best buddy?’ Don’t worry about it – any bust-ups are quickly forgotten!

  7. To confront, or not to confront…that is the question

    This can be one of the hardest things to get a handle on when your little one starts big school. You know the scenario; some little terror has been mean to your child and upset them. We advise that you don’t head straight over to their parent, despite the protective instincts that may be kicking in though! She is likely to have a different version of events and it is unlikely that you will change her mind about what went on between your little monkeys. This one can be extra tough as it can lead to parental fall-out…cue school gate awkwardness (and no one likes that!).

  8. 10 Top Tips For Surviving School Intext 2

  9. From the small pond, to the big sea

    At ‘big school’, you won’t be able to have the daily chats with staff that you may have been used to at Nursery or the Childminder. With the classes having up to 30 children in them…those 5 minutes per parent would add up to a whole lot of over-time for ‘Miss’ each day!

  10. Don’t expect them to be chatty at home-time!

    Big-school is no small feat for our new starters…even those who have been used to full-time nursery before are often exhausted when they come home from a full school day. They have so many new things to learn; it’s only natural that their little bodies are tired by home-time.

  11. Teach them to dress themselves…not write their name

    If you were to ask a reception teacher what they would like their new pupils to be able to do when they start it probably wouldn’t be knowing their numbers or alphabet. To give your child (and teachers) the biggest helping hand – make sure that your little one can dress and undress themselves independently (or with little assistance) and use the toilet by themselves too. Teachers can be there to assist but it will make everyone’s life easier if your child is well on their way to doing these things unaided.

  12. You can never have enough name tags!

    The ‘lost property’ box at Primary schools is often overflowing – to give yourself a good chance of getting your child’s belongings back make sure you name EVERYTHING!


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