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Kids love jumping. And every year thousands of beds have been subjected to cannon balls, wrestling matches and swan dives.

Bed jumping can result in wrinkled sheets, burst pillows and, worst of all, a collapsed mattress.

SAY GOODBYE TO Messy Sheets, Wayward Socks, An Unmade Bed, Broken Mattress, Burst Pillows, Feathers and Dust Everywhere!

Discover why Springfree is a safer place to jump.

Built For Jumping

Beds can’t handle the repeat impact of jumping. Jump as much as you want on a Springfree! Our mat rods are designed to withstand millions of bounce cycles.

Gentle Bounce

Beds offer a hard impact jump without much bounce. Our trampolines have a smooth, non-jarring bounce. More bounce = more fun!

Safe Trampolining

Safety Enclosure

Beds have no guards to protect kids from falling off. Our FlexiNet enclosure has flexible net rods that cushion jumpers and prevent falls!

Outdoor Fun

Jumping on the bed means kids spend more time inside. Trampolines encourage kids to spend more time outside being active.

Springless Trampolines