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Dr. Keith Alexander is a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the inventor of Springfree Trampoline.

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Customer Reviews



Fantastic trampoline! Well worth the money. We have a 4 year old and a 2 year old & it is a perfect size. The trampoline is completely silent so will not annoy the neighbours either.

Dawn Head

Fantastic service and trampoline


Our first trampoline for our 4 year boy. He loves it and it is so much safer than other types we looked at. Ordered via Rainbow and used their install service. Delivered the same week as I ordered it, erected within 45 minutes. A fantastic product and looking forward to years of fun.

David Murray

My New Springfree


Love the trampoline however assembly is extremely difficult and not as simplistic as the videos would suggest.

Caroline McCulloch

Experienced Trampoline User


Absolutely love this tramp. Used to have a fairly low budget one and could barely land back double twist, now I can land back triple twist virtually every time. Great for any experienced user and easy to get a lot out of it after you learn the technique.

Lee Aylott

we love it


I love this trampoline as it is suitable for both children and adults. I purchased it based on its safety awards and recommendations. I have had lots of comments from friends and family who have said it is quite unusual looking as it is oval in shape and looks quite futuristic. It has a great bounce to it not like others I have tried. My kids ages range from 6 months to 8 years so I hope to have my trampoline for a very long time.

deirdre smedley
nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM

A great decision


Best decision we made. Agonising over which trampoline to buy the family I was referred by a friend to Springfree. It's used by the whole family - i never thought bouncing could be so tiring!!

David Kenningham

A great trampoline & good customer service

I am writing this review after having the trampoline for a year and I can say its a great trampoline and very safe, which was critical as my husband was dead against having one until I found this company. It was more expensive than others but the way its made shows quality and safety being at the heart of the company. I have also received great customer service when I had a problem with the basket ball net. They could not have been more helpful. Both my kids have enjoyed bouncing and playing basket ball too and I even have a go now and then!
I will point out it is tough to put together yourself so if you haven't got a tough guy to help get the company to put it together. The net collapses fairly easily so a cover can be put on over winter but its not something I would do daily. It would be nice if they could supply a cover for the trampoline that can be attached whilst leaving the net up to stop any bird mess as we have pigeons who have taken to sitting on the net!

Kim Frazer
Warnham, Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM
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