6ft trampolines

Looking to add bouncing fun to your garden without sacrificing space? Our incredible 6ft trampolines are the perfect solution! They pack a punch of jumping excitement into a compact design, making them ideal for smaller gardens or patios.
Perfect for little bouncers, our 6ft trampolines deliver safe and endless entertainment. Jump on and explore the world of bouncing possibilities!
girl bouncing on an 8ft Round Trampoline

6ft Round Trampolines:

Why a 6ft Round Trampoline could suit your family

Wondering if an 6ft round trampoline is the perfect bounce for your family? We get it, choosing a trampoline can feel like a jump into the unknown! But fear not, Springfree is here to help you land on the right size.
At Springfree, we offer a whole range of trampoline sizes, from 6ft all the way up to 19ft! This 6ft round trampoline guide is here to show you why it might be the perfect fit for your garden and bouncing crew.
Here's the scoop:
Limited on space? No worries! The 6ft size is ideal for smaller gardens, giving everyone room to jump without feeling cramped.
Got a crew of little jumpers? This size is perfect for younger kids, offering a safe and contained space for bouncing fun.
Safety first! For ultimate peace of mind, Springfree always recommends having just one child on a 6ft trampoline at a time.

We want you to make the best choice for your family, so this page is packed with info on why the 6ft round trampoline might be your bouncing match made in heaven!
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Lower to the ground

Our 6ft trampoline is slightly lower to the ground to make access easier for little people.

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Lower weight threshold

Our Mini Round trampoline also has a lower weight threshold (50kg) and smaller space requirement which suits children over adult jumpers.

R30 Mini Round 6ft trampoline

8ft Round Trampoline

6ft trampoline


Looking for a trampoline that's sized just right for your little adventurer? Look no further than our Mini Round trampoline! It might be our smallest, but it packs a punch of bouncy fun in a compact design.

Here's why it's the perfect fit for smaller gardens and younger jumpers:

  • Big Bounces, Small Footprint: Don't let the size fool you! This mini trampoline offers a jumping surface that's equivalent to an 8ft spring trampoline, maximizing your bouncing fun without needing a huge garden.

  • Soft Landings: We know tumbles are part of the fun, but safety is our priority. The Mini Round's soft bounce is perfect for little ones who are still mastering their jumping skills.

Ready to unleash the bouncing fun? Explore our Mini Round trampoline and watch your little ones jump for joy!

Our 6 Foot Small Round Springless Trampolines are

perfect for

Young Kids

Complete With a safety net enclosure, Springfree Trampolines are the safest trampoline around!

6ft Trampoline FAQs

Size of Mat

1.8m (diameter) / 6ft x 6ft

Surface area of mat

2.8m square / 30 square foot

Total space required

4.3 metres / 12ft x 12ft

Jumper weight


Height of mat above ground


Total height


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10 year warranty

Our 10 year world-class warranty covers every inch of the trampoline.

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finance available

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