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Covid Compliant Installations

Care & Maintenance

General Maintenance:

Your Springfree™ Trampoline is designed using the highest quality materials, resistant to outdoor weather conditions. However, all products will incur general wear and tear, so it's important to inspect your trampoline from time to time.

Replacing any required parts quickly will ensure the longest life span for your trampoline. Please contact our team if you notice any of the below, and we can assist you in replacing your part, and assessing the type of activity that may have caused a breakage outside of general wear and tear:

  1. Material flaws in the mat bed, mat edge system or net
  2. Missing trampoline rods or rods disconnected from the mat edge
  3. A bent or broken frame
  4. Missing plastic edge fittings/ broken cleats 
  5. Enclosure support rods and attachment fittings missing or damaged
  6. Missing C-clips from the sockets on the frame
  7. Cracks or flaking in the PV coating encasing the fibreglass rods

It is highly unlikely under normal use that a Springfree FlexiRod™ will ever break or delaminate.  Should you notice cracking or flaking on your trampoline rods, rest assured this is most likely sun damage caused to the "sleeve" which is a protective cover inserted over each fibreglass rod during the manufacturing process. While our sleeves are UV treated, over time and depending on the amount of UV exposure they've had, they may deteriorate at an accelerated rate. 

Download our Maintenance Checklist to conduct your own visual inspection now!

General Usage:

  1. Don't take sharp objects or toys onto the trampoline
  2. With your Springfree™ Trampoline FlexRHoop™, only a soft rubber ball should be used
  3. Clear plastic balls have been known to magnify the suns rays and burn holes in trampoline mats - ensure these are kept off your trampoline 
  4. Jumping in the centre of the trampoline will ensure the longest life span for your mat and other components
  5. Avoid using the FlexiNet™ as a jumping surface - while incredibly strong, this is a safety feature designed to protect wayward jumpers, and should not be used consistently for general rebounding