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Need some help choosing the Springfree model that suits your family and your garden?

Whether you’re concerned about slopes in your garden, how much space you have (or don’t have!) or how much clearance around the trampoline you need, our garden assessment service is more than just a tape measurement.

We’ve got you covered!

We’ll take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect Springfree – for FREE!

A member of our professional team talk you through the setup required to safely install your trampoline.

We look at the following garden criteria:

Flat, even & solid ground
We check the ground conditions to ensure safe trampolining
Safe lateral clearance space
We make sure there is good clearance around the trampoline to ensure that if a child falls into the net there is nothing solid they can fall against outside the trampoline boundary.
Minimum height clearance
We want to ensure there is nothing that can cause any impacts above the trampoline

Keeping Britain Bouncing!

We’ve been busy but don’t panic!

More Springfree Trampolines are on their way & will be arriving in the UK the last week of October, but numbers are limited!

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