Medium Oval Trampoline

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Trampoline Specifications

Our medium oval trampoline maximises the space in your back garden - plenty of jumping room with garden space to spare. A soft bounce designed for children of all ages.

The jumping surface of our 8 x 11ft oval trampoline is equivalent to that of a 10 x 13ft oval trampoline with springs. The medium oval trampoline allows you to maximise your jumping surface while saving valuable garden space.

Layout image
Size of mat
2.4m x 3.4m (diameter) / 8ft x 11ft
Surface area of mat
7.2m square
Total space required
4.9m x 5.9m
Jumper weight
Height of mat above ground
Total height

The wow-factor warranty that’s designed to amaze you! Giving you 10 years bouncing without a single minute’s worry!

no springs = more jumping space

Our 11 foot medium oval springless trampolines come complete with a safety net enclosure, making Springfree the safest trampoline around. Shop Online
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Installation Service

Let Springfree Install Your Trampoline!

Leave the handy work to us and have your Springfree Trampoline professionally installed. Our trampoline installation is a 2-5 day nationwide service*.

Call 01276 477461 to book your slot!

*Highlands & Islands price on application.

Installation service can be added during checkout process.

Springfree O77 trampoline
professional installation costs (+£150)


Box Dimensions and Content

Shipping and Packing

Item Value
Number of boxes 3 boxes
Box weight 32.5 kg
35 kg
38 kg
(total: 105.5 kg)
Box dimensions 780 x 850 x 180 mm
1710 x 520 x 180 mm
1710 x 520 x 180 mm


Installation and Disassembly Manuals

Download Manuals

Installation Manuals (PDF) English
O77 Medium Oval Trampoline Download
Disassembly Manuals (PDF) English
Trampoline Disassembly Download

What Makes A Springfree Safe?


SoftEdge™ Mat

No Springs

Hidden Frame

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Get even more fun with our range of trampoline accessories. Designed by our team of engineers to be used with your Springfree Trampoline.

Reviews (5)

Chantelle G 2018-10-16 12:48:24

Absolutely delighted with our trampoline. Top quality and worth every penny. My kids are two very happy bouncing bunnies! Also received epic customer service and must commend everyone from the call answering to delivery - everyone we dealt with was fantastic. Can highly recommend!

Bronwyn M 2018-10-16 12:46:10

Awesome trampoline for my 2 little boys with special needs. Only wanted the best available for them so that was why we went with a springfree.

Jillian 2018-10-09 14:55:22

Absolutely over the top impressed with this trampoline. Set up was relatively easy with 2 people, bought it for my kids but I end up on it at least once a day too

Jillian 2018-10-09 14:54:38

Absolutely over the top impressed with this trampoline. Set up was relatively easy with 2 people, bought it for my kids but I end up on it at least once a day too

Martin Štěpánek 2018-09-24 20:52:34

I like the fact the Springfree is remarkably light weight and easy to move around the garden and obviously it’s spring free so there’s no springs for the kids to hurt themselves on. You seem to get a bit more surface area to jump around on and generally it’s just a very safe trampoline to bounce on and we’ve had the dog on there too. He loves it, it’s a great family event every Sunday!