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Covid Compliant Installations


Trampoline Quality

Built to last

The Springfree design has research and innovation at its core. Every trampoline is built to last in our own facility using only the highest quality materials.

Warranty Seal V1

We’re committed to ensuring your family gets years of fun out of your Springfree. That’s why we offer a world-class warranty on the WHOLE trampoline. Unlike other trampoline warranties that cover specific parts, our 10 year warranty covers every inch of the trampoline. From net to frame to mat – we’re here for you. It’s our years of fun guarantee!


Springfree saves a car and a house

When a car unexpectedly crashed through their fence, the Fox family’s Springfree saved the day. Our trampolines are built to withstand an SUV. Watch the video to see what happened next.

How strong is a Springfree?

We thought we’d show you. See how the world's safest trampoline fairs in the only strength test that really matters to families.

Springfree families enjoy years of fun

Springfree owners understand the importance of quality in providing years of backyard fun for their families. See what they have to say.


Even in the harshest conditions

Springfree is built like no other and rigorously tested against the harshest of conditions. This means you can leave it up all year long, even in the rain and snow.

Redefining the standard for children’s safety

When Dr. Keith Alexander learned how many children were being injured on spring-based trampolines he decided that change was required. As an engineer and inventor he knew he could do something about it.

Commitment to quality

Quality is at the heart of everything that we do. Our trampolines are manufactured in our own facility where a team of skilled craftspeople meticulously inspect and sign-off every step of the process. This means that, from the frame to the enclosure net, every component meets the strictest of Springfree quality benchmarks.

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