Compact Round Springfree Trampoline

Our Compact Round is our smallest trampoline and provides plenty of jumping room. A soft bounce suitable for little jumpers and smaller gardens.

The jumping surface of our 8ft round trampoline is equivalent to that of a 10ft round trampoline with springs. The compact round trampoline allows you to maximise your jumping surface.

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Our Compact Round is our smallest trampoline and provides plenty of jumping room. A soft bounce suitable for little jumpers and smaller gardens.

The jumping surface of our 8ft round trampoline is equivalent to that of a 10ft round trampoline with springs. The compact round trampoline allows you to maximise your jumping surface.

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The only trampoline brand to receive 100% performance rating by independent bodies.

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The only trampoline brand to eliminate 90% of product related injuries

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Designed to go the Distance. Year. After Year. After Year.

Proven peace of mind. The only trampoline company to offer a full 10 year warranty on all trampoline components.


The Springfree Difference

We believe kids should be kids and able to test their limits with safe outdoor play. Our revolutionary springless design has eliminated 90% of product related injuries.
No Springs
SoftEdgeTM Mat
Hidden Frame
No Springs

No Springs

Flexible Mat Rods, instead of springs, eliminate the pinch points that trap toes and feet

SoftEdgeTM Mat

SoftEdgeTM Mat

SoftEdgeTM Mat is 30 times more shock-absorbent than pads, eliminating hard edges at the jumping surface

Hidden Frame

Hidden Frame

Durable Frame positioned well out of harm's way



FlexiNetTM Enclosure cushions jumpers and prevents falls to the ground

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Item Value
Number of boxes 2 boxes
Box weight 39 kg
36 kg
(total: 75 kg)
Box dimensions 1710 x 590 x 140 mm
1710 x 590 x 140 mm

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Reviews (34)

Deb 2023-11-04 13:40:35

We love everything about this tramp.

Nick 2023-10-22 13:43:15

My six year old has a lot of energy. He'll bounce on this morning, noon and night, and just lies on it, using it like a hammock

Mike 2023-10-21 13:42:53

This is an awesome trampoline, my boys (9 and 10) love it. Compact size is great for our smaller garden. Also only one kid can bounce at a time which is safer! Ordering was easy, we got the delivery and installation which was great service. Highly recommend the basketball hoop accessory, my boys love that feature.

Lauren 2023-10-10 13:41:41

Purchased this for 2 yo's birthday. Caught my hubby using it as a hammock and reading a book! So happy with the size and quality.

Zar 2023-10-10 13:40:58

Bought this for my daughters second birthday. She loves it, gazes at it when we are indoors and trying to get her out of the house is so much harder because she just wants to go on the trampoline. Money well spent I think we will get many years of use out of this

Hannah 2023-10-06 13:40:16

Great quality and perfect size for the garden as it doesn't take up too much space. Reasonably easy to assemble but does require two people to put springs in.

Linda 2023-01-31 10:19:25

After hearing about how dangerous trampolines are, I did plenty of researching for the best trampoline for my kids and Springfree came up top. The team were very helpful in going through the different benefits of each trampoline, I was stuck it was so hard to choose! They built it so quickly and professionally too.

Lois Boysan 2021-11-24 12:26:20

Great customer service.. I would defiantly recommend buying the installation service, it was a GOD SEND!!!!

Raymond Jaap 2021-11-19 12:14:09

First class trampoline from a first class supplier grandkids love it..

Caroline Lavelle 2021-11-09 12:31:38

If you are interested in Springfree, you must come here. Great range on display, really helpful team.

Olivia 2021-11-05 12:34:34

Our children (12 down to 4) love the trampoline! We went for the small round one. The kids say that it's really bouncy. We love the fact that they can't hurt themselves on any springs. We put it together ourselves, and it was a little bit of an effort - definitely need two people. We found that one pulling the trampoline surface taut and the other underneath bending the pole back to click into the pocket worked best. Once installed though, it is worth it!

Liam 2021-10-04 10:13:59

Great trampoline. Looks good in the garden and it's really safe.

Alice 2021-10-02 10:12:28

Fabulous small trampoline! I've always been worried about the springs on normal trampolines. My son loves it!

Tony 2021-09-27 14:52:36

Love this product, so happy with how it looks in our garden, great addition!

Sherly 2021-08-19 14:53:31

Gorgeous trampoline, kids are so happy and happy kids mean happy parents!!!

Tracey 2021-07-30 11:35:53

Gorgeous looking trampoline, doesn't squeak!! My son loves it

Daren 2021-07-15 11:36:42

Great trampoline and great customer service, thank you

Tommy 2021-06-11 09:54:00

Super happy, my daughter loves it! Exceeded all my expectations, thank you Springfree!

Vicky 2021-06-08 09:52:30

In love!! Wish we could fit a bigger one in the garden! The black rods makes it look really smart!

Nichole 2021-06-05 09:01:24

All day everyday is now spent in the garden whilst my son plays on his Springfree! Now that the sun has come out I love the sunshade because it means even at the hottest hour I don't have to take him off his trampoline! Also definitely recommend the black rods makes the trampoline look so much smarter!

Finlay 2021-06-01 08:45:35

Bought the 8ft for my son and he loves it!! Really wish we got a bigger size, but we are restricted by space. The installation team were amazing and quick! The product has no faults, thank you Springfree.

Holly 2021-04-09 09:48:08

Bought this trampoline for our 4 year old son. He absolutely loves it and spends hours bouncing! It a great looking trampoline and we are so pleased with the quality and safety

Grace 2021-02-12 12:10:31

Amazing trampoline! Our 3 year old loves it. Only sorry we couldn't fit a bigger one in the garden. would definitely recommend!

Anna 2021-01-28 14:11:13

great trampoline for our toddler, only wish we'd got a bigger size! Thanks Springfree

Anna 2020-12-02 12:29:10

Fits perfectly in our London back garden. Our daughter spends hours bouncing around! Great product, but wish we could have a bigger one!

Janet Baugne 2020-11-24 12:09:47

We've only got a small city garden but the compact spring free fits perfectly. It's a bit more than I wanted to pay but it's a brilliant design and definitely the right choice for our family. VERY happy.

Ria Knight 2020-11-05 05:41:14

Can't thank Springfree enough, the compact round trampoline we purchase has been a lifesaver in getting my 6year outside, she can't stop bouncing.

Sharon Buckley 2020-10-06 13:11:07

We bought one of your fabulous trampolines about a year ago. We decided on a spring free because we were going through 1 trampoline a year and yours came with a 10 year guarantee. We have an autistic son and he spends 4/5 hours a day on the trampoline. He absolutely loves it and even after all that jumping, it has not showed any signs of damage. It is a life saver, especially during isolation. Thanks for a brilliant product. Absolutely love it. Worth it every penny.

Tom P 2020-09-29 14:16:27

We bought the compact round trampoline for our 2 and 4 year old and they absolutely love it! It has been brilliant over lockdown keeping them jumping and getting rid of excess energy! We play games on it, read books and make dens! It has so many uses. Its a real sturdy frame and very well made. I know they'll get many years of enjoyment on it! Thank You Springfree

Jo L 2020-08-04 14:27:38

Great Bounce!!....but should have bought the next size up as you can only really have one child on at a time on this size tramp. Good safety.

Donald P 2020-08-03 14:28:51

Great product, instructions on how to install springs should be spelt out in a step by step process rather than just a how explanation and a simple diagram. Took a couple of tries and reading it 5-7 times before we understood what to do (pay extra to have it installed)

Gwen 2018-11-20 16:25:06

I love spring free. They are the only trampoline to buy

Simon 2018-10-16 12:53:19

Good instruction video and simple to set up. The kids LOVE it and would rather bounce and play on the springfree than watch TV. Which is what I love about it

Julia F 2018-10-16 12:51:41

Other than being a little tricky to put together (the "springs" were tough to get on-- definitely takes 2+ people), we are satisfied. We had the size larger than this one in the States and loved it. The only reason we went down in size is because our garden isn't large enough for the others. My 4-year-old son loves this one, too. It's big enough for him and a few small friends

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