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Today marks the beginning of the ‘Week of Inclusion’ in this year’s National Bullying Prevention Month. We at Springfree Trampoline believe that is it critically important, not just this month but always, to make sure that our children and the young generation of today are free to grow up in a society that breeds inclusion rather than exclusion.

Children Holding Hands

Unfortunately, we now appear to live in a society where it is almost impossible for those who fall victim to bullying – to escape from it. It can follow them home and affect them even in the safety of their own home. This has to stop.

To help stamp out exclusion and bullying we are hopping on-board with this year’s week of inclusion and shouting form the rooftops about how important it is to BE KIND ALWAYS!

We are but half a term into a new academic year. With this comes a whole host of new experiences for a lot of children and young people. Whether that be the ‘daunting’ move from primary to secondary school, moving to a new school in a new area…or just moving up into a new class year. I am sure that we can all remember these times, as exciting as they were, coming with at least a little fear of the unknown…

Kids Bouncing Playdate

So, in the true spirit of inclusion – we think this week would be the PERFECT time to arrange an after-school playdate! Whether this be with an old friend or a brand new one, just imagine the fun that could be had bouncing away on your Springfree Trampoline talking about your favourite trampoline trick, to your least favourite homework…and everything in between!

Kids Chalking On Springfree

Each moment you spend getting to know someone better you are helping! Ensuring that people are included in out of school activities can in turn help make sure that they are included in-school too! And who doesn’t love an afternoon spent bouncing away the day’s worries and strife’s whilst making a brand new friend that you end up having lots in common with – it’s a win-win!

To go one step further, why not organise a Tgoma party (yes this is a thing!) and have all of your friends come over! Give your old and new friends a chance to meet and strike a friendship all of their own.


Keeping Britain Bouncing!

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