2024's elite cheer trampolines revealed! Train with confidence on the safest, most reliable and best trampolines for cheerleading—selected by experts.  


Ready to elevate your cheerleading practice with the best trampoline for cheerleading?    

As you know, mastering jumps, tumbles, and aerial stunts is a must for cheerleading.    

To practice these all-important moves, you need a safe and reliable training environment.   

Safest trampoline

We are the experts in trampoline safety and our 2024 picks for the best trampolines for cheerleading are in.   

Whether you’re a cheer coach or athlete, these picks (which are unbiased and honest) will help you make an informed choice.    

Safest trampoline

4 Top Trampolines for Cheerleaders This Year

These trampolines were graded on the following criteria:  

  • Trampoline safety features.  
  • Quality and durability.   
  • Size, including weight limits and jumping room.  
  • Trampoline design (Will it look good in your garden?).    
  • Trampoline warranty.   
  • User reviews.   
  • Trampoline cost (Affordability + long-term value).    

The factors above are the main ones to look for when buying a trampoline.   

We’ll be choosing the best trampoline for cheerleading in four different categories: Best overall, best spring trampoline, best affordable and best extra-large trampoline.  

This list is unbiased, and in full transparency, one of our Springfree Trampolines will be included. We’ll explain more in a bit.    

Let’s get to it!   

1. Best Overall – Springfree Large Square Trampoline

Large square trampoline


  • Safety features – 10/10    
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 10/10    
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 8/10    
  • Trampoline design – 10/10    
  • Trampoline warranty– 10/10    
  • User reviews– 4.7/5 (Amazon, 96 reviews)    
  • Trampoline cost – 6/10     


  • World’s safest Trampoline, with a springless design, flexible jumping net, edge-free mat, jumper-safe frame, and enclosure rods replacing traditional metal poles.  
  • Mat rods (which replace the springs) are 3x stronger than steel and 4x more flexible.    
  • Trampoline includes UV treatment for all major components.   
  • Galvanised and triple-layer rust-protected frame.   
  • Expected lifespan of 10+ years with reasonable use.   
  • Exclusive 10-year warranty on ALL trampoline parts – the only company to offer this.  
  • 121 sq. ft. jumping space in a 11’ x 11’ size is unmatched.  
  • Provides a smooth, non-jarring bounce while rivalling a spring trampoline’s height.  


  • Average 80kg weight limit.   
  • Assembly may be challenging, especially inserting the mat rods; professional assembly is available for £200.  
  • Initial cost is high (£1,495).  

The Verdict:    

Springfree Trampolines are the safest, highest-quality and longest-lasting Trampolines on the market.   

For cheerleaders, the amount of jumping space you get with the Square Trampoline relative to its size is a huge plus.  

No doubt, the upfront cost is higher than most other trampolines on the market. The trampoline assembly process can also be complex.   

But if you combine safety, bounce quality and durability, a Springfree Trampoline is the best type of home trampoline for cheerleaders.    

It provides plenty of room to practice moves, is low maintenance and will last for the long haul while keeping your kids safe.   

2. Best Spring Trampoline – ACON Air 13 ft Rectangle Trampoline

ACON 24 trampoline


  • Safety features – 6/10    
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 8/10    
  • Size and trampoline weight limit –5/10    
  • Trampoline design – 7/10   
  • Trampoline warranty – 7/10   
  • User reviews– 4.6/5 (Google, 58 reviews)   
  • Trampoline cost – 6/10      


  • Comes with 108 ACON’s X-Series Springs, which measure 10 inches. ACON has a good reputation for having a quality bounce.  
  • Embedded with a Quite SafeZone mat, which will help tune out noise. Includes a skirt that reaches over the springs for protection against contact (although this may not fully eliminate spring-related injury.)  
  • The trampoline frame is galvanised and black powder-coated, with a tube diameter of 2.4 inches.  
  • Includes a quality UV-treated mat with 10 rows of stitching, meaning it won’t be easily torn.  
  • Net is UV-resistant, and the poles are galvanised.   
  • 10-year trampoline warranty on the frame; five years for the mat and springs.  
  • Comes with a ladder upon purchase.    

**No listed single-jumper trampoline weight limit.    


  • Relatively high upfront cost (£1,299).  
  • The springs are partially inside the net, and gaps can be created that expose the metal springs. Contact with the springs helps account for 20% of trampoline injuries 
  • Springs take off roughly 2 ft of jumping space – meaning the room to jump is equivalent to an 11 ft trampoline.   
  • Trampoline assembly might prove difficult, with the packaging weighing around 200kg.   
  • 1-year warranty on the enclosure net hints that it may need to be replaced after a year.    

The Verdict:    

The ACON Air 13 ft Trampoline is a quality Trampoline with a solid spring-based bounce.      

For the price, you would like to get more jumping room.   

That being said, this is a Trampoline that should last (with replacement part changes) for the long haul.   

If you prefer a trampoline with springs for cheerleading, an ACON trampoline would be a good option.    

Note: You can upgrade to the “Performance” Springs for a higher bounce, which costs a premium more.  

Photo courtesy of Sweet Southern Grace.  

3. Best Affordable – Skywalker 14 ft Square Trampoline

Skywalker trampoline


  • Safety features – 4/10    
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 3/10    
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 5/10    
  • Trampoline design – 5/10    
  • Trampoline warranty – 3/10    
  • User reviews– 4.4/5 (Google US, 551 reviews)    
  • Trampoline cost – 6/10      


  • Price may be subject to change over time. Seen to be around £800 but harder to get hold of in the UK 
  • Comes with a patented no-gap enclosure system, which helps protect against spring-related injuries.   
  • Made with a galvanised steel frame and UV-resistant materials.  
  • Solid single-user trampoline weight limit of 110kg.   
  • Reinforced T-sockets at the legs and enclosure joint should help the frame’s stability.    


  • Basic trampoline for cheerleaders. It would likely be worth it to buy a better-quality trampoline if your child has long-term cheerleading ambitions.    
  • Static metal poles and cheap construction could present safety concerns.  
  • 6.5-inch springs are short, so it might not be the bounciest trampoline 
  • The springs take off roughly 2 ft of jumping room.   
  • Warranty is only 1-3 years limited, meaning you will need to likely replace parts to make it last.  
  • The design of the trampoline is basic and may not add much appeal to your garden.   

The Verdict:    

If you’re looking for a budget trampoline, the Skywalker 15 ft Square Trampoline is a relatively affordable option.    

It does have some positive features, like a no-gap enclosure system and a square shape that will maximise the corner-to-corner jumping room more than a round spring trampoline.   

But if your child is passionate about cheer, this Trampoline would not be a great option.    

You might be saving money upfront, but you will be paying for it later with replacement parts.    

It’s also not the most sturdily built Trampoline, so safety concerns could arise if it begins to break down.     

Photo courtesy of Sam’s Club.   

4. Best Extra-Large Trampoline – Galactic Extreme 13 ft x 23 ft Rectangle Trampoline

Galatic Extreme trampoline


  • Safety features – 6/10    
  • Trampoline quality and durability – 3/10   
  • Size and trampoline weight limit – 10/10   
  • Trampoline design – 7/10   
  • Trampoline warranty – 3/10   
  • User reviews– 4.6/5 (Amazon US, 5 reviews)   
  • Trampoline cost – 5/10       

(This Trampoline also made our Best Trampolines for Gymnastics List. Much of the information from that article has been transferred here.)   


  • Tons of jumping space for cheerleaders to practice their moves.   
  • Lifetime warranty on the steel frame and springs. This Trampoline should last for a while.   
  • The spring padding is reversible, so when one side wears down, you can flip it.  
  • Trampoline includes a patented Stay-put enclosure net, made of high-grade polyester mesh.    
  • Commercial grade steel frame that is 3.0 mm thick and galvanised promotes adequate sturdiness.     
  • 300kg single jumper weight limit.    
  • Includes 172 springs that are 9’ long, which should deliver a good bounce based on spring length (although this needs to be tested to verify).     


  • High initial cost (£3,064, UBuy).     
  • You must have the garden space to safely fit the Trampoline’s size (13 ft x 23 ft, 710 pounds).  
  • Springs are located inside the net, which can be a safety concern if gaps are created.   
  • Only 5 Amazon reviews.   

The Verdict:    

The size of the Trampoline is the first thing that sticks out. With dimensions of 13 ft x 23 ft, it’s HUGE.   

This can be good or bad depending on your goals and the size of your garden.     

Its jumping room is immense, and the frame/springs are backed by a lifetime warranty. In terms of long-term value, it should be worth the cost.   

However, it’s just not practical based on its unusually large size.    

Many families wouldn’t want or be able to fit a Trampoline of this size.    

Photo courtesy of Amazon.  

How to Buy the Best Home Trampoline for Cheerleading

You’ve seen the best trampolines for cheerleading. Now how do you choose one?    

It’s going to come down to your goals.   

A few things you must check off before choosing a trampoline are:   

  • What’s your budget for a trampoline?   
  • How much space do you have in your garden?  
  • Who will be jumping on the trampoline?   

These will at least get you started.   

Look through trampolines in your budget at sizes that will safely fit your garden and your jumpers.    

From there, you can start assessing trampolines on the features you desire most.    

Whether that’s trampoline safety (which we would recommend), durability, jumping room, aesthetics… it’s up to you.    

Start with elimination first (trampolines that don’t fit your budget, garden or jumpers). It will make your life a lot easier.   

Happy shopping!