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For many this may be a relatively new concept…but the reality is that it is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to keep bouncers safe! We hear stories about trampoline accidents from our customers all the time…many of which could very easily have ended with someone being seriously injured.

Springfree believe that safety shouldn’t be an option.

We must practice safety to standards superior to those that existed when we were growing up (all those years ago!). Just because you, your friend, or your cousin-twice-removed managed to survive unscathed after a near miss on a trampoline does not mean that we should put our children in the same situation and simply hope that history repeats itself!

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So, with that, lets look at the ADVANTAGES of trampolines with an enclosure net to help create a safe bounce experience…

At the top of the list is Springfree’s pioneering design which has an enclosure net that is essentially impossible to fall out of (when the zips are done up)….Our enclosure net is cleverly woven around our mat rods and sits snugly under the jump mat…also making it impossible for little ones to poke their hands through any holes/spaces and hurt themselves.

Furthermore (and in keeping with the rest of our design) – our enclosure netting is triple woven, waterproof, UV treated and snag-resistant. Making it durable, long-lasting and super SAFE!

Supporting our enclosure net are our enclosure rods. “But enclosure rods on a trampoline with an enclosure net are no new thing” we hear you say (and you’re right!). However, Springfree’s enclosure rods ARE different from the rest because they are FLEXIBLE!

Flexible and designed to flex outwards and away from any bouncer who may fall into the enclosure netting…keeping our little (or big) bouncers SAFE from injury!

And as if this wasn’t already enough…our super strong and flexible design means that bouncers weighing upto 100kg are protected from falling off/out of the trampoline should they trip or land into the enclosure net. Springfree Trampolines are designed to catch, then safely return falling bouncers back to the centre of the trampoline and to get them away from harm.

For all none-believers, or parents that are dubious about spending more on a trampoline that claims to be the World’s Safest Trampoline…we now back each and every one of our trampolines with a 10 year warranty…because we want your Springfree to be the ONLY TRAMPOLINE YOU EVER BUY!

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Springfree’s enclosure net is more than a safety feature though. It can enhance the fun factor too! We love hearing your ideas and suggestions about games to play making use of the enclosure netting. Our favourites include piggy in the middle, where 3 (or more) players throw the ball between them, with the player on the trampoline jumping to try and intercept the ball when it is thrown.

Dodgeball is another fun game to play using the enclosure netting, the tension in the net allows you to ricochet the ball to get your opponent!

For those of you with littles ones who can’t quite bounce by themselves yet; you can pop them into the trampoline and set them up with their favourite toys or balls! Let them explore the trampoline with complete peace of mind that they are safe from harm. No hard corners, no hard landings and absolutely nothing that they can hurt themselves on. Just plenty of space to crawl, roll and use the netting to help pull themselves up to try and toddle around!

And last but by no means least! A trampoline with an enclosure net (specifically a Springfree Trampoline) has the ability to house a Flexrhoop to add an extra dimension of fun to bouncing! Just think of it as the cherry on the cake…so now it’s time to hit the big blue button and shop our range of trampolines now!




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