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Now the frost is disappearing and the suns starting to shine, this can only mean one thing… spring is on its way!!


The joys of spring are upon us and the introduction to the garden begins again. Encouraging outdoor play is a great way to get kids outside and be active.


It may be a little chilly still but you’ll soon warm up and winter will be a thing of the past. Springfree trampolines can provide you with hours of endless fun and exercise whilst being in the safe and comfortable environment of your own back garden! 


Just think... 10 minutes of bouncing is the equivalent of a 30-minute run… who knew?! So, whilst your bouncing away your last bit of energy from half term, you’re secretly exercising and enjoying it! And yes, this includes you Mum and Dad!

Why not add bouncing on your trampoline a part of your daily/ weekly routine?  Those quick minutes will soon turn into hours!


A word of caution though, as a responsible parent, it may be worth stretching your own legs into your garden to double check all the kid’s outdoor toys are in good condition and ready to be used!


If you do have a spring-based trampoline, we recommend checking all the springs and double check the padding that covers the springs…..If your trampoline is at the point of no return and you feel it is time to purchase a new trampoline then you’ll love our

“part exchange and upgrade” programme.

We’ve created our own “Ouch” campaign…..helping you get the springs out of your bounce and go Springfree.


How it works…..Basically it’s a fantastic way to save yourself some pennies whilst ensuring safety within your garden. So as we said, if you feel your current trampoline with springs is making you uncomfortable or is looking worse for wear, then trade it in with our part-exchange & upgrade scheme….Follow this link for more information!


Whilst Springfree provides excitement and ticks all the safety points, you’re also guaranteed for a lifetime of fun, with our fantastic industry leading 10-year warranty!

All parts on a Springfree trampoline are covered from your mat to the frame to the rods…..Everything!

Spring Ready


So, whilst the sun is still creeping through, it’s the perfect time to get your Springfree trampoline back out and into action!

But do remember to check that all your kids’ outdoor toys are maintained, safe and ready to use. Whether it’s a trampoline, climbing frame or bike.


Springfree have come up with some super fun games for children to play and help set-up their garden fun station!

Let’s start shaking off those winter cobwebs with these Springfree outdoor activities…


  1. Let’s clean the fun way. Place your garden sprinkler underneath the trampoline and using a little washing up liquid on the mat, create soapy monsters! (little do they know, this is actually cleaning their trampoline!)
  2. Chalk art. Purchase some chalk crayons in your favourite colour and see what designs and games you can create on the mat!
  3. Have a slam dunk contest… loser does the washing up?!
  4. Read books or use the mat as a table to finish your homework. Great way to get outside for fresh air whilst doing school work.
  5. JUMP!


Whilst there are many ideas we can think of just jumping is the best! Why not create your own routines with friends and family? Throw some serious shapes including star jumps, tuck jumps and even seat drops. Do what you feel is comfortable, have fun but always stay SAFE!


It all sounds exciting doesn’t it? Take a look at our range of Springfree trampolines and accessories to help you choose the right trampoline for your family to enjoy this spring.


Just take your shoes off, zip yourself in and have fun!


Keeping Britain Bouncing!

We’ve been busy but don’t panic!

More Springfree Trampolines are on their way & will be arriving in the UK the last week of August, but numbers are limited!

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