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The most classic shape of garden trampoline, is round. But who says that’s the only shape for you and your family? Does the shape of trampoline effect safety? Springfree says... No, of course not!


Round trampolines are the most popular and classic shape that families tend to buy (and yes, we mean for parents not just kids!) But why are they so popular?


Springfree round trampolines come in 3 sizes… 8ft Compact Round, 10ft Medium Round and our newest, 13ft Jumbo Round.

Here are the reasons why Springfree owners love our round range...


  • Our 8ft Round trampoline is ideal for young bouncers. For example, 6 years and under. As they get older, they’ll need more growing space (and we all know kids grow up so fast) so why not upgrade to our 10ft round Springfree?


  • Ideal for smaller or odd shaped gardens… they’re aesthetically pleasing and fit easily into any corner.


  • It’s the traditional shape that children are most used too so for those inexperienced bouncers, it’s a good way to keep an eye on that central cross.


  • It’s an all-round good garden trampoline! Excuse the pun!


So before bouncing off and buying the first round shape trampoline you see, here’s more information…


8ft Compact Round trampoline

Our compact round trampoline is our smallest but don’t be alarmed… size doesn’t always matter! Spatially, the 8ft is ideal for smaller gardens. Unfortunately, we don’t all have football pitch gardens!


With the jump mat being 2.4 metres in diameter, your total space needed is 4.4 metres; this is so the enclosure rods can bend, flex and gently guide you back into the centre of the bouncing mat… which is the best place to be when bouncing on a trampoline!


The compact round is the perfect shape for little ones just starting to get the coordination in their legs or children under the age of 6; just before they start to get brave and bounce higher, faster and grow up!


10ft Medium Round trampoline

Our medium round trampoline offers you the best of both worlds, being only 3metres in diameter it’s not the biggest in our range but it offers you plenty growing space for children of all ages! Including big kids like Mum and Dad…


Your total clearance space needed is 5metres so only a few more feet bigger than the compact round. This model is perfect for children slightly older, around 7+ and those big kids with average sized gardens.


Our 10ft Medium Round is the equivalent of a 12ft sprung-based trampoline so you gain more bounce space for all those shapes you’ll be throwing!


13ft Jumbo Round trampoline

The 13ft jumbo round is the terminator of all trampolines! Being 13ft, it’s the equivalent to a 16ft sprung trampoline - so you maximise your bounce space!

Its gentle and dynamic bounce is designed for the biggest of families to enjoy from the littlest to the biggest kid in the house!


Having a sizeable trampoline that demands plenty of space, suits more adventurous jumpers; those who practise their gymnastic turns and tumbles would favour the Jumbo Springfree! (one at a time of course and under supervision)

It’s energetic bounce helps you achieve decent height without feeling like your running of out space.


Garden space required… unfortunately for those with smaller gardens this probably is not the right choice trampoline as this requires 6 metres in clearance space! Yes, it’s really that big!

So, having the biggest Springfree model in the range does mean you need a big garden. Either front or back garden can be the perfect area. 


So before deciding which round trampoline you like the look of, make sure you follow these guidelines to ensure you have a safe and fun jumping experience.


  • Surfacing – your ground doesn’t need to be completely flat or on a soft surface. Grass, wood chipping, shredded rubber or concrete. (With concrete, ensure you have a mat or soft material underneath the zip entrance in case of any falls)
  • Is your garden on a slope? Slight gradient… fine. Anything over 12% we’d recommend to either flatten your garden or to dig channels on the highest side for the legs to sit in.
  • Clearance space – now this is important.

Where you’ve chosen your round trampoline to be positioned, make sure you have 2-3 feet clearance space from the edge of the mat to any obstacles. 2 feet for any low shrubs and 3 feet for harder impacts like a fence or brick wall. This will ensure the flexi-rods holding up the enclosure net, won’t break on impact.

  • One at a time. (Yes, we know this is hard which is why you bounce Springfree.) However, bouncing one at a time eliminates head clashes and bruises!


And finally, take your shoes off, zip yourself in and have fun!


Check out our other blogs showing you the same benefits on our oval and square shaped Springfree’s.


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