Unveil the ultimate showdown: Springfree Trampoline vs. Vuly! Dive deep into safety, quality, design, and pricing to find your perfect pick today.

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Springfree Trampoline vs. Vuly – who actually makes the better trampoline? 

In this honest breakdown, you will learn:

A breakdown of each brand’s history.

Which brand wins on key factors like safety, quality, longevity, design and warranty. 

A full analysis of pricing. 

The verdict on which brand would be right for you.

Safest Trampoline in the World

Disclaimer: Although we at Springfree Trampoline are writing about our Trampolines against a competitor, it will be from an unbiased perspective. This will NOT be a sales piece. 

Who Is Springfree Trampoline?

Springfree Trampoline created the world’s first springless trampoline in the early 2000s. 

Springfree’s no-spring design was the first alternative to the traditional spring-based design.  

A Springfree Trampoline: 

Square trampoline

They were created as a safer trampoline, replacing the metal springs with composite rods (among other safety features we will expand on later).  

Springfree currently sells nine trampolines and various accessories. They have received over six awards in the last two years, including two Parents Picks Awards this year. 

Who Is Vuly?

Established in 2007, Vuly is a trampoline brand based in Australia that has expanded to North America in recent years.  

They also sell a line of non-traditional trampolines, with their Thunder Trampolines using leaf springs instead of traditional metal springs.  

A Vuly Thunder Trampoline, courtesy of Vuly: 

Vuly trampoline

They sell four types of trampolines in North America – Lift 2, Ultra, Thunder and Thunder Pro – and accessories. They also sell swing sets and monkey bars. 

Vuly has been featured in the media by The Telegraph, The Australian and The Courier Mail, among others.  

Springfree vs. Vuly Trampolines

Now that you know a little more about each brand, it’s time to get to the comparison. 

Here’s how this is going to work: We will choose a trampoline category (like safety) and do a full assessment for Springfree vs Vuly Trampolines.

We will then pick a winner in each category based on our expert opinion. 

Again, we are putting away any bias and strictly focusing on the facts here.

1. Trampoline Safety


Springfree has five fundamental safety features that all their trampolines share:  

Springless Design – uses composite rods instead of metal springs (springs help account for around 20% of trampoline injuries.)

Flexible Net – The Springfree enclosure net flexes when jumped into, helping prevent falls to the ground.  

The Springfree Trampoline FlexiNet:

Safest trampoline

Hidden Frame – The trampoline frame is located underneath the jumping mat, making it impossible to land on while jumping.

SoftEdge Mat – The Springfree polypropylene mat includes no hard edges and is 30x more shock-absorbent than safety padding. 

Enclosure Rods – The flexible enclosure rods replace the hard metal poles (a safety hazard) on traditional trampolines. 

Key Insight: Springfree Trampolines are the only Trampolines to eliminate 90% of product-related injuries. 

Springfree Trampolines also meets the strictest of trampoline safety standards, including ASTM International (globally recognized leader in standards) and Australian Standards. 


Spring System – Vuly uses traditional coil springs on their Ultra and Lift2 Trampolines. They use leaf springs on their Thunder Trampolines. Both are outside of the jumping surface. Gaps could expose the springs (safety hazard) on the Ultra and Lift2 models. 

Enclosure Net – Use a 3mm weave – which is tighter than Springfree (which is about 10mm). Zipperless entryway system is a notable feature. Net won’t be as flexible as Springfree’s.  

A look at Vuly’s no-zipper entryway:

Vuly trampoline

Photo courtesy of Vuly. 

Trampoline Frame – Adequately padded on Vuly’s budget trampolines. Better on the Thunder Trampolines, where the frame is placed under the jumping surface.

Jumping Mat – Mat is made from polypropylene; nothing special regarding safety.

Enclosure Poles – Enclosure poles curve away from the enclosure and are padded. Still possible to hit if enough force is applied to the net, but it’s better than static poles.

Trampoline Padding – The safety padding is UV-treated and flippable. Thunder Trampolines don’t have padding. 

Key insight: Vuly’s prominent safety features include a tightly woven enclosure net and a zipper-less entryway.    

Since Vuly sells different kinds of trampolines, their safety features aren’t standard across their catalog like Springfree.  

The Thunder Trampolines are safer than their traditional coil-spring trampolines. 

The Winner? 


Safety is Springfree’s defining characteristic. Vuly is strong on some safety features, but their budget models aren’t as strong on safety as their Thunder models.   

2. Trampoline Quality/Longevity

Next up is the quality/longevity of the trampoline. We will also discuss each company’s warranty policy. 


The mat rods are 3x stronger and 4x more flexible than steel.  

The Springfree mat rods: 

Springless trampoline

Triple-layer, rust-protected galvanised steel frame.

UV treatment on all major components. 

The net, made of a polypropylene mesh, uses a high-strength Raschel Knit – similar to deep sea fishing nets.

Springfree Trampolines can hold between 80-100 kg per user. 

The total trampoline weight limit of Springfree Trampolines is 590kg-680kg pounds, depending on the model.

Mats are tested up to 3 million jumps.

10-year warranty on all parts – the only trampoline company to offer full 10-year coverage for each component.

Key Insight: Springfree Trampoline offers the most comprehensive warranty, and its premium construction allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions – meaning you can leave it up all year.


Coil springs are 20% wider than the nearest competitor, according to their website.  

Vuly's coil trampoline springs.

Spring based trampoline

Photo courtesy of Vuly. 

Leaf springs are tested to 40,000 bounces.

Solid galvanised and powder-coated steel frames. 

Enclosure is made from polyethylene and is UV-treated. 

Excellent 330-pound single jumper weight capacity across their catalog. Total weight capacity of 1,650 pounds.

Warranty of Vuly Trampolines: 5-10 years on frame tubes and joiner poles (depending on the model), 5 years on the mat (excluding print), 1-5 years on the springs and 1 year on the net, net poles and padding. 

Can purchase the extended 3-year warranty for the net, net poles and padding for £249 on Ultra and Thunder (wasn’t listed on Lift 2). 

Key Insight: Vuly Trampolines have quality components, like the frame, springs and mat, while offering a high weight capacity.    

The Winner?  


Both companies offer quality trampolines, but Springfree’s standard 10-year warranty on all components for its entire Trampoline catalog gives them the edge. 

3. Trampoline Bounce

We now get to the defining feature of the trampoline – which brand offers the better bounce?  


The use of mat rods instead of springs produces a softer bounce.

No squeaky trampoline – the rods offer a quiet bounce.

The bounce height from a Springfree is similar to the bounce height of most traditional (spring-based) trampolines.  

Jumping room is maximised due to the elimination of springs – which take off roughly 2 ft of jump space on traditional trampolines. 

Offers three trampoline shapes – round, oval and square – each providing a different jumping experience.  

Key Insight: Springfree Trampoline provides a quiet, gentle bounce that rivals most spring-based trampolines in bounciness.  


Ultra Trampolines have 48 springs that are 5.5 inches long – below average for trampoline springs.  

Here is a look at the Vuly Ultra Trampoline: 

Video courtesy of Vuly. 

Lift 2 Trampolines have 90 springs (good) that are 5.5 inches long (below average).

Leaf springs on Thunder Trampolines produce a good bounce but it might be snappy and squeaky. 

No major difference in terms of bounce height between Vuly and Springfree. 

Key Insight: Vuly Trampolines will provide a good bounce, but they may be prone to the squeaking noise that is common with spring trampolines. 

The Winner?


While Vuly and Springfree will offer similar bounces in height, Springfree’s springless design will provide a softer, quieter bounce – giving it the edge over Vuly in this category.  

4. Trampoline Design/Size

If you’re adding a high-quality trampoline to your garden, you want it to fit and look stylish. 


Which trampoline – Springfree or Vuly --- looks the best?  


And what sizes does each company offer? 


Springfree offers nine different sizes, from 6 ft round to 12 ft x 19 ft oval. 

Unique appearance that is resistant to rust, will last for years and goes with many gardens.


Ultra and Thunder Trampolines come in two sizes, ranging from 12 ft to 16 ft. Lift 2 comes in three sizes (10 ft, 12 ft and 14 ft). 

Vuly Trampolines have a unique appearance, particularly the Thunder Trampolines with their leaf springs. 

No major customisation options.

They include game mat icons on the jumping surface.

Vuly trampoline mat

Photo courtesy of Vuly. 

Key Insight: Vuly Trampolines are distinctive, with their hourglass design, leaf spring system and game mat icons. 

The Winner?   


Both Springfree and Vuly offer good-looking Trampolines. Springfree gets the edge due to its advanced customisation options. 

5. Trampoline Installation

Next up is installation, a factor you don’t want to glance over when considering the safety of your trampoline. 


Springfree’s installation process can be difficult for some and requires two people.

The mat rods are the toughest component to install – installing them requires the right technique (detailed in the instructions). 

Springfree offers nationwide professional trampoline installation services for £200. 

They also offer free 3D, step-by-step instructions through the BILT APP. HIGHLY recommended if self-installing. 

A hand holding a smartphone displaying a Springfree Trampoline on the BILT App.

BILT app

Self-installation times vary – can be done in as little as 1-2 hours. It’s best to block out an entire afternoon for assembly.  

Key Insight: Springfree Trampolines can be complex to assemble, but they offer professional installation services and self-installation solutions like the BILT App that can be a major help. 


Vuly’s coil-spring Trampolines will be relatively easy to assemble for most, with no nuts, bolts, velcro or plastic.

Installation can be difficult for the more robust leaf spring Thunder Trampolines. It will require two people. 

Video courtesy of Vuly. 


They offer professional installation, ranging from £297-£519 depending on the model.  

Key Insight: Vuly’s traditional trampolines should be simple to assemble, but their Thunder Trampolines can be more difficult – possibly requiring professional installation. 

The Winner? 


While both Springfree and Vuly Trampolines (Thunder) can be difficult to assemble, Vuly’s budget trampolines will be easier to assemble than any Springfree model.

6. Trampoline Maintenance

Another underrated factor for trampolines is maintenance. How much maintenance is required for a Springfree Trampoline vs a Vuly Trampoline?  


Springfree Trampolines can last for 10 years without needing replacement parts (if used reasonably and maintained).   

May need to periodically clean the mat with soap and water. 

Weather maintenance shouldn’t be needed (although snowy regions may need to shovel snow off the mat with a soft-bristled brush or broom). 

Rust shouldn’t be a major factor on metal components (although it is possible). 

See the checklist for what a periodic inspection on a Springfree looks like:

Springfree specifications

Key Insight: One of the calling cards of Springfree Trampolines is they don’t require much maintenance. Part replacements are still possible, but if properly used, you can go a decade without ordering new parts.


Shorter warranty periods likely mean replacement parts will need to be ordered and installed – potentially in as little as one year. 

Parts might be difficult to get in North America since Vuly is an Australia/New Zealand-based company.

Vuly Trampolines (especially the budget models) won’t be able to withstand inclement weather conditions like Springfree.

May need to take measures to clean rusty trampoline springs or other metal components.

Trampoline squeaking is possible. A grease lubricant would be required to stop the squeaking. 

Example of general care tips for Vuly’s Thunder Trampoline:

Vuly trampoline

Key Insight: While containing high-quality components like the frame, Vuly Trampolines may need to have parts ordered and replaced within 1-5 years of use.

The Winner?


Vuly Trampolines require part changes, while Springfree Trampolines can last for up to 10 years without needing new parts. 

7. Trampoline Accessories

Trampoline accessories are an important (sometimes necessary) addition to your trampoline.  

See below for which company offers the better accessories to upgrade your trampoline. 


Springfree offers eight trampoline accessories, including:   

  • FlexrStep (trampoline ladder) 

  • FlexrHoop (trampoline hoop)

  • Trampoline anchors

  • Trampoline wheels 

  • Trampoline sunshade 

  • Trampoline weather cover

  • Trampoline storage bag 

  • Trampoline ball & pump

Trampoline basketball hoop

The accessories range from £29-£299, depending on the accessory and the size of your trampoline. 

Like Springfree Trampolines, they are built with premium materials to ensure longevity.   

Key Insight: Springfree offers essential, high-quality accessories that can make your trampoline safer and more fun. 


Vuly offers nine trampoline accessories, including: 

  • Basketball Set  

  • Tent Wall + Shade  

  • Tent Wall  

  • Shade Cover 

  • Thunder Pro Wheels  

  • Water Mister  

  • Leveller  

  • Anchor Kit  

  • Ladder  

Vuly trampoline basketball hoop

Springfree Trampoline vs. Vuly Price Comparison

You’ve seen how Springfree and Vuly compare on safety, quality/longevity, bounce, design/size, installation, maintenance and accessories.  

But what about the cost?  

Since trampoline cost is typically one of the deciding factors for a trampoline, let’s look at the prices of each company’s catalog:  


  • Mini-Round Trampoline- £895 

  • Compact Oval Trampoline- £995

  • Compact Round Trampoline- £1,095

  • Medium Round Trampoline- £1,295   

  • Medium Oval Trampoline- £1,295   

  • Large Oval Trampoline- £1,395 

  • Large Square Trampoline-£1,495 

  • Jumbo Round Trampoline- £1,695 

  • Jumbo Oval Trampoline- £3,494 


  • Ultra - £449 (L, 12 ft) and £499 (XL, 14 ft)

  • Lift 2 - £499 (M, 10 ft), £599 (12 ft, L), £699 (14 ft, XL)  

  • Thunder - £699 (12 ft, L), £799 (14 ft, XL)  

  • Thunder Pro - £1,199 (14 ft, L), £1,399 (16 ft, XL)  

The two key points here?

1. Both companies are on the expensive side.

2. They offer similar price ranges.   

Since the price differences are minimal (excluding the Springfree Jumbo Oval Trampoline), cost will likely not be the deciding factor for you. 

Instead, it should be about which trampoline has the features that best suit your family’s needs. 

Which begs the question… 

Which Trampoline Brand Is Best for You?

The Springfree vs. Vuly argument is a close one in a lot of respects. 

Here are the main takeaways from this comparison: 

Springfree edges Vuly out in safety, quality/longevity, bounce, design/size, and less maintenance. 

Vuly bests Springfree in ease of installation and available accessories. 

Both Springfree and Vuly offer high-quality trampolines for similar prices. 

Springfree objectively has safer, higher-quality and longer-lasting trampolines.  

The long-term value and safety guarantees that Springfree offers are why they are considered the premier trampoline brand. 

However, that doesn’t mean a Springfree is always the right answer. 

Each company offers unique features.

If you prefer traditional spring-based trampolines or Vuly’s hourglass, leaf-spring design, then a Vuly Trampoline would be a better fit.  

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which trampoline to go with.  

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