2021, the year of lockdown 3.0. The year of parents working from home with the beautiful sounds of “Mum... mum… mum… mum…” It’s a new year, unfortunately not a new start but it can be the beginning of being a fit, active and occupied family!

The list of finding activities to keep yourself busy seem to be slowly getting shorter and the fridge seems to be getting emptier. During these hard times we need to keep ourselves entertained and healthy both mentally and physically. Springfree have created a list of fun games for all the family! Whether you’ve hit a mind block and need some fresh air, or the children need a break from schoolwork there’s so many ways a Springfree trampoline can help.


As we all know getting some fresh air is great for your mind however, studies show that a quick 10-minutes on your Springfree trampoline can help improve their concentration and keep them engaged in learning for longer. So, why not take regular breaks and go have a bounce! And to all you parents who are at home, this is beneficial for you too!

Many of us are at home googling the same thing… “lockdown games at home”, “lockdown games on zoom” or “fun activities to play with family”. Well, consider Springfree the new google! We’ve come up with some great ideas for you.

Competition Zoom!

Challenge your friends on how many times they can bounce in 30-seconds! Loser has to do a forfeit of your choice... maybe 10-star jumps? Or one to help Mum and Dad, loser does the washing up!

With an adult holding the tablet, try a game of copycat. Taking it in turns to try a different move whether it’s doing a seat drop on your bum or jumping up and touching your toes. Can your friend keep up?!

Musical Bounce!

Play some of your favourite tunes and jump to the beat! Create a play list with all the family favourites and see if you can make it to the end of the song.


Poison Ball

Just don’t. touch. the ball.

A classic trampoline game! Best played with a soft ball to avoid injuries, much like our Springfree basketball that won’t hurt each player. By using the bounce space freely, player one can hop, skip or even jump around the trampoline whilst the outsiders throw the ball aiming to poison the insider! Player one must keep jumping to avoid being hit by the ball in mid-air... if your hit, you’re out!

Designer Trampoline

Use your Springfree trampoline as a blank canvas. Pick a day of sunshine and no clouds, grab your chalk and create your own masterpiece! By using chalk, you can wash it away and start all over again! Draw different shapes, faces, wherever your imagination takes you. You could even show your appreciation to the NHS by drawing the biggest and best rainbow ever!

Re-create another old classic of hopscotch… draw out the squares and numbers and make your way to the other side. Or why not turn it into a fun maths game, add the numbers together as you move forward and reach a total at the end.


Free Bounce aka Exercise!  

Yes, we know, it’s not as fun as any of the other games you can play either with controllers, doesn’t have 2 wheels and rides around… BUT it’s good for you. And can make you feel refreshed!

A proven study by NASA shows just 10-minutes of bouncing is the equivalent to a 30-minute run. I think we all know what’s more fun!

There are so many benefits to jumping on a trampoline. It improves your sleep, lifts your mood and can also help manage anxiety. Regular physical exercise is good for all ages. Plus, being a springless trampoline with no hard surfaces to come in to contact with, it’s also the safest trampoline in the world!

We’re all doing the best we can to keep ourselves uplifted and occupied throughout lockdown. It’s important as ever to stay connected and help each other, and if that means helping you beat each other’s scores in how many times you can bounce in 1 minute then so be it!

Contact Springfree today to reserve your freedom, your burst of energy and let’s get you outside! Our well experienced team can help you choose the best trampoline for your family.

We look forward to hearing from you!