Which Springfree Is Perfect For You?

Thinking about buying a trampoline for your family? Do you have questions like:

  1. Is it safe?

  2. Is it high quality and how long will it last?

  3. Does it come with a reliable and long warranty?

  4. What size and shape will best suit our garden and our family?
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With Springfree Trampoline, you can check the first three off your list with no hesitations... 

  • Springfree Trampoline is the World's Safest Trampoline
  • Tested to the highest of quality control standards and to withstand the harshest of weather conditions
  • The only trampoline to come with a 10-year warranty for all components of the trampoline

Checking off the last question purely comes down to personal preference and the space you have available in your back garden...


Choosing the Shape

The decision on the shape largely depends upon your garden size and shape, and age of jumpers. 

The great thing about Springfree Trampolines is that the 'bounciness' is the same across all models. The ultimate bounce areas on a Springfree are created by the size and shape of the trampoline and by the weight of the jumper.

Springfree offers 6 different models:

Picture 1

Compact Round

Medium Oval

Large Square

Medium Round

Large Oval

Jumbo Round


  • Round trampolines offer a nice even bounce. The round trampoline is a traditional shape and offered in three Springfree sizes from Compact to Jumbo. 
  • Oval trampolines are great for long backyards, the bounce will be best through the center and near the rounded ends. Two Springfree sizes are offered and are perfect for jumpers with some experience.    
  • Square trampolines are designed for gardens with room to spare and families of all ages and high-energy jumpers. The bounce is great and evenly spread across the entire jumping surface. Springfree offers one large-sized square – perfect for burning lots of calories. 


Choosing the Size

Little Jumpers? Low on Space? 

Are you a city dweller with little space to spare? Have beginner bouncers that are eager to have a go? Or maybe space is tight, but quality is a must. For little jumpers and small backyards, one of our three smallest models will be the perfect fit for you.  

Smaller Space Options

We have a fantastic range to suit small spaces and beginner jumpers.

The Compact Round is the smallest trampoline we offer, perfect for compact yards or spaces and ideal for little jumpers.

Size: 8 ft 

Bouncing Area: 54 ft² 


Got extra garden space or slightly older children?

Our selection of medium trampolines have been designed with this in mind. Most homes have garden and this series gives your children more room to flex their jumping muscles! 

Medium Garden Options

We have a fantastic range of medium sized trampolines for jumpers of all ages.

The Medium Round is a great all-rounder. It presents more jumping space than the Compact Round and will likely be preferred by kids who are no longer toddlers.

Size: 10 ft 

Bouncing Area: 79 ft²  

The Medium Oval has been designed for garden spaces that are long and narrow! The oval models are great for active jumpers with some trampolining experience.

Size: 8 ft x 11 ft 

Bouncing Area: 77 ft² 


Big garden? High-Energy Kids?

If you’ve got a large garden with room to spare and kids with energy to burn, one of our larger Springfree Trampoline models will be perfect for you. 

Large Backyard Options

Our Large Oval, Large Square and Jumbo Round are the largest of the Springfree range, with plenty of glorious bouncing space! If you’ve got a BIG garden with space to spare, these trampolines are perfect and designed for families of all ages. From high energy kids to adults, these larger trampolines fit in perfectly with your family and backyard.   

The Large Oval is great for long, narrow yards and larger families.

Size: 8 ft x 13 ft 

Bouncing Area: 92 ft²  

The Large Square is our best-selling trampoline, ideal for large yards and families of all ages.

Size: 11 ft x 11 ft 

Bouncing Area: 113 ft²  

The Jumbo Round is the biggest Springfree we have to offer and is fun and bouncy for the whole family.

Size: 13 ft 

Bouncing Area: 132 ft² 


Which Will You Choose?

Whether space is tight, or you’ve got room to spare, you’ll want to choose the best possible fit for your backyard and family. If you’re unsure, you can contact our Springfree Experts on 01276 477461 and they will work with you to recommend the best trampoline.