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Every trampoline is unique in its own way but the Springfree Square is the perfect trampoline for any family! 

Of course, this does depend on the size of your garden being 11ft in diameter and 113 square foot so you gain a sizeable and safe bouncing space.

The bigger the bouncing space the safer the bouncing space.

For those of you with a spring-based trampoline, our Springfree 11ft Large Square is the 14ft equivalent. 

So, if you have a big family with a big garden, this is the ideal trampoline for you!


Although this is a square trampoline, we like to call it the “squircle”. Its rounded edges allows you to maximise your jumping surface while saving valuable garden space. 

The Springfree Square trampoline fits perfectly in a corner or being the centre of attention in your garden!

This trampoline really stands out in the crowd and by accessorising with our Black Rod Upgrade, it’ll look real smart. 

If you’re a new Springfree member, you’ll find there’s only 1 square trampoline in our range however, if you’ve been a part of our family for a number of years you may remember our 13ft Jumbo Square! And yes... that was a huge trampoline!

Sadly, the 13ft Jumbo Square is no longer with us but that’s not stopped the 11ft being our super square showstopper! It’s ourfavourite and looking at statistics from 2018, it’s your favourite too!


Here’s why we love the Large Square trampoline…

  • Ideal for bigger families. 2 children and Mum and Dad or, more friends! The Square has 4 bounce spots designed into the trampoline which creates a safer bouncing area which won’t feel like you’re being pulled into the centre.
  • Perfect shape to fit into any garden especially those with more space. If your garden is longer than it is wider, depending on the space surrounding and width, this could also be an option for you.
  • Great for enthusiastic gymnasts or those who like to throw some awesome shapes!
  • Horizontally, you have 11ft in space but if you were to bounce diagonally across the mat, you actually get 15ft!

And finally… we can guarantee your family will have endless fun!

Having a world-leading 10-year warranty, your assured years of safe outdoor play.


So, before deciding which Springfree trampoline you like the look of, make sure you follow these guidelines to ensure you have a safe and fun jumping experience. 


  • Surfacing – your ground doesn’t need to be completely flat or on a soft surface. Grass, wood chipping, shredded rubber or concrete. (With concrete, ensure you have a mat or soft material underneath the zip entrance in case of any falls)
  • Is your garden on a slope? Slight gradient… fine. Anything over 12% we’d recommend to either flatten your garden or to dig channels on the highest side for the legs to sit in.
  • Clearance space – now this is important.
  • Where you’ve chosen your round trampoline to be positioned, make sure you have 2-3 feet clearance space from the edge of the mat to any obstacles. 2 feet for any low shrubs and 3 feet for harder impacts like a fence or brick wall. This will ensure the flexi-rods holding up the enclosure net, won’t break on impact.
  • One at a time. (Yes, we know this is hard which is why you bounce Springfree.) However, bouncing one at a time eliminates head clashes and bruises!


And finally, take your shoes off, zip yourself in and have fun!

Check out our other blogs showing you the same benefits on our round and oval shaped Springfree’s. 

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