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When buying a trampoline, it is important you know you’re getting one with the best bounce. But how can you be sure? Springfree trampolines have a number of unique components to give jumpers the best bounce on the market.

Let me talk you through some of these components to help you understand why we stand out from the rest, and of course why we are the bounciest. Firstly, to state the obvious, we are SpringFREE, meaning our trampolines do not have springs in them. Yes, you read that right – NO SPRINGS! This revolutionary design uses flexible composite rods instead! Cool right? Unlike traditional sprung trampolines, the mat rods are angled specifically to create a bounce when being used. This is effective because all of the rods work together simultaneously no matter where the jumper is on the trampoline. With a sprung trampoline, only the springs on the side you are bouncing on will be working. This has been known to cause an uneven bounce, noticeably different when using a Springfree. Not only does a Springfree have a more even bounce, it also creates a better bounce as the rods from all over the trampoline are working to help you jump higher!

Another component making Springfree trampolines the bounciest on the market is the jumping mat. Springfree’s unique UV resistant polypropylene mat is made of a geo-textile construction fabric. The fibres are woven tightly together making it more durable, and even though it contains no elastic, it can still contribute to creating the best bounce no matter how much it is used and in any weather conditions.

Now, lets not get too carried away… We know that all trampoline companies must tell you that it is safer to use one at a time, and Springfree is no different! No matter how the trampoline is designed or made, children (and adults!) still have their own minds and therefore you cannot predict where their bouncing legs will take them! To avoid collisions, bouncing one at a time is advised. However, kids are kids! So what Springfree have managed to do is create a safer bouncing area, even if there’s more than one bouncer. This is due to the tension in the rods making the bounce more even, reducing the likelihood of a “double-bounce”!

No matter what the reason you are buying a trampoline, whether it’s to help the family to be more active, a fun present for the kids or to keep this kids safely entertained, make sure you get yourself a Springfree Trampoline. With the world’s safest design and the leading 10-year warranty, having the best bounce is just the extra cherry on top!


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